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Gina McFarlen

WITS (Level 2) Certified Personal Trainer
USATF Certified Run Coach
RRCA Certified Run Coach

Over the years, I’ve worked with athletes as a trainer, coach, gym rat, runner, friend, teammate, mentor, spouse, pacer, crew, camp director, and running shoe enabler! 

My favorite racing distance is the half marathon, followed by the 10k, and apparently, I can be talked in to running a marathon once a year! What I love more than racing is the process of training for a race. I love the momentum that working towards a goal brings to my life.

For me, strength and running is it’s own reward. It's the unbreakable connections and relationships I have developed through Apex Running, my home gym Kilter Fitness, traveling the country for races, and being an ambassador for Ragnar Relay, that have kept me tethered to this journey for so long. 

Being able to share my love of movement with others, and helping people accomplish their fitness goals gives me life! 

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